I'm a Creative with a passion for creating and capturing the beauty of the world around us, whether that be an epic landscape or an beautiful moment.

I got into creating images as a young teenager. When I wasn't playing around with 3D in Bryce and Blender, I loved just going places and shooting with my small point and shoot camera. Over the years I have continued to enjoy practicing and refining my skills as I explore and experience. I love to see the vibrancy of life and the places and landscapes I live and travel to, and translate that into my work.

I also work as a 3D/VFX artist, and have a passion for bringing worlds to life on screen. I consider my passion for CGI and photography to be strongly linked, and my love of creating fictional worlds drives me to try bring out the fantastical side of the world around me.

Currently based in Wellington, New Zealand. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with inquiries about photography (shooting and/or prints), or freelance VFX and CG work.

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